Depression Modules




Join Debbie Lawrence as she takes you through the subject of Depression.

Module 1 – Provides an overview of the prevelance of depression and specifically the prevelance of depression in older adults. Also will look at core symptoms, and other symptoms, so we know how depression is diagnosed.

Module 2 – The focus of this presentations is to look at some of the many and various factors that may contribute to an individual experiencing depression.

Module 3 – The aim of this presentation is to explore the psychological and physical impact of depression on the individual and their close friends and relatives. It will also look at the potential relationship between falls and depression, which is significant to our roles as PSI’s.

Module 4 – The aim of this final presentation is to explore the different treatments for depression, including exercise.

These modules are on our elearning portal, and already available for free for LLT Education Connect members. Upon purchase, we will enrol you onto our Modules page where you can access these.