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COVID-19: Important information

Important: Information update as of 12th July 2021

For the remainder of the year we will be keeping current COVID-19 protocols in place with reduced course numbers. We shall be continuing to follow our COVID-19 transmission risk reduction measures for the foreseeable future. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Due to the current review and changes to professional and occupational standards being undertaken by the Chartered Institute of Management for Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) we/LLT are currently not delivering this qualification. You can read more about CIMSPA professional standards here.

Please note that this qualification is still valid and forms part of the Register of Exercise Professionals Training Framework. You can read more about the REPs training framework here.

Thank you for your interest in this
REPs L3 Older Adult Qualification

Thank you for your interest in this course


  • This is a blended learning training course at undergraduate level. 
  • There are pre-requisites for attending this training. 
  • A sound existing knowledge of the principles of exercise training and progression and anatomy and physiology are required. 
  • Candidates are enrolled onto mandatory e-learning tasks 4 weeks prior to face to face days and expected to fulfil its requirements/guided learning hours.
  • In line with the level of this course, self-directed learning/significant additional learning hours are required outside of the four face to face days. 
  • Candidates are supported throughout the whole learning journey by an assigned tutor contactable via the e-learning course portal.
  • Tutors will state their availability and response times on enrolment (not be available 24/7!). Our expectation is that candidates accept their responsibilities to dedicate time to embrace the whole learning journey.
  • Please read all details relating to eligibility, course and assessment content.

Thank you for your interest in this course


If your intention is to establish an evidenced based falls prevention programme delivering OTAGO (with fidelity) you will need to establish;

  • Workforce capacity to deliver a programme for a minimum of 6 months
  • Workforce capacity and work remits to pro-actively support home exercise   programme adherence
  • Physiotherapists to identify suitability of participants (frailer, older >80s as per research criteria)
  • Workforce who have appropriate pre-requisite qualifications in exercise delivery (undertaken training in exercise core knowledge, unless working under a physiotherapy service)
  • Capacity to undertake pre-exercise assessments including outcomes measure that will inform service evaluation.

It is important to recognise that if you are unable to meet these above requirements, fidelity is compromised. Please read course eligibility and recommendations.